Hector 9000 is a cocktail machine that can pour drinks from 12 different ingredients. Hector 9000 was created at the beginning of 2018 as the successor to Uncle Hector, a pure Gin-Tonic machine. During the development we tried to make as many parts as possible by 3D printing without support. Unlike many other barbots, peristaltic pumps are not used, which makes it possible to pump carbonated drinks. The liquids are conveyed by a slight overpressure in the bottles, at the same time the conveyed quantity is determined by a balance. If enough of a liquid has been dosed, the silicone tubes belonging to the liquid are squeezed off. The drinks do not come into contact with moving parts. When a cocktail is finished, Hector activates its bell.
The core of Hector 9000 is a Raspberry Pi 3B. The Pi takes over the process control and displays the UI on a 7" touch screen. The software is written in Python 3, Kivy is used to provide the graphical user interface.

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