The video shows how the Hector9000 image is written to an SD card and how the initial setup must be carried out.

The most important points:

  • When setting up the user, the name should be “pi”. Since the RPI image no longer comes with a default user, this must be selected during the first boot process.
  • Ensure that I2C is set up. -> Call up RPI Config in the console and set it up there.
  • The two scripts can then be executed.
    • Hector9000 (/home/pi/Hector9000/
    • Hector9000WebUI (/home/pi/Hector9000WebUI/

The Hector should then run and be ready for operation if everything is connected correctly.

Have fun :-)

Last modified January 20, 2024: Add installation to Documentation (8d9c5d0)