We decided to realize the power supply of Hector 9000 with a PC power supply. It is recommended to place the voltage outputs of the power supply unit on terminal blocks and to carry out the cable routing in wiring channels. We have fused the supply voltage of the LED strips, also on terminal blocks. It is also useful to make the connections between the modules by crimped connectors.

Power supply

Backpanel removed


The interconnection of the individual components (Fig. 15) is relatively simple. We recommend placing the HX711 board as close as possible to the Raspberry Pi in order to keep the I2C lines short. For the illumination two WS2812B LED strips were connected in parallel to the GPIO of the RPi. There are 15 LEDs in the lower compartment (bottles) per line and 30 LEDs in the upper compartment of the housing. The pinout of the Raspberry Pi can be seen in Fig. 16. The optional all-round light must be switched via a transistor (Fig. 17).

Wiring overview

GPIO connections

Connecting the all-round light

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